Public Workshops

In its petition filed with the state board on Nov. 18, 2014, IID offers a specific process and timetable for the parties to the 2003 QSA, the landmark water-sharing pact that has enabled California to live within its annual entitlement of 4.4 million acre-feet from the Colorado River, to reach consensus on the most realistic and sustainable Salton Sea restoration plan.

The receipt of the petition reignited discussions regarding the impending Dec. 31, 2017, date, at which time the requirement established by Order WRO 2002-0013 for IID to deliver a specific quantity of water to mitigate the effects of the transfer on the Salton Sea will end. It is expected that the loss of that mitigation water will accelerate the contraction of the Salton Sea, resulting in the exposure of an extensive playa with fine particles that may cause significant public health impacts to surrounding communities, and accelerating the rate at which the Salton Sea becomes a highly saline environment, unable to support a viable fishery and fish-eating birds.


Since IID filed its petition, the State Water Resources Control Board has held multiple public workshops  to solicit public input and receive updates on the status of action items identified by the Salton Sea Task Force. Following are excerpts from testimony given at some of the workshops.


IID / Imperial County testimony from March 18, 2015

IID / Imperial County testimony from Sept. 16, 2015

 IID / Imperial County testimony from April 19, 2016