Marine Habitat Pilot Project

Salton Sea Marine Habitat Pilot Project: Sephton Technologies and IID

Project Description: Construction of a ¼-acre salinity-gradient solar pond to generate energy needed to run a vertical tube evaporator that creates distilled water for an adjacent ¼-acre diving bird habitat pond.

Project Summary:

  • Grant:
    • $693K FAP Grant to IID/Sephton Technologies (SWT)
    • $98K BOR grant for construction
  • Permitting: Environmental permitting in draft form inclusive of CEQA document.
  • Schedule:
    • 2016 Completion of all CEQA and local permitting.
    • 2016 selection of main project contractor
    • 2016-2018 expected project construction period.
  • Budget:
    • Total cost of project: $2.45 million
    • FAP Grant funds – $693K
    • BOR Grant fund – $98K
    • SWT/IID in-kind services – $610K
    • Remaining funding to come from WCB:$1,049,000 mils.
  • Next Steps – Finalize CEQA documentation & circulate public comment and peer review by agencies.