Habitat and Air Quality Project

The Habitat and Air Quality Project will be built in multiple phases: 1 – on existing exposed playa for dust mitigation and 2 – off the Salton Sea Infrastructure Backbone Project. The first phase will be used as a test area for dust emission reduction projects and mitigation prior to long term playa coverage is constructed. These first phase projects will include enhancing native vegetation already established on the playa and wind fetch projects that will act as sand and dust catchers. These wind fetch projects also have the potential to act as areas for vegetation to become established and enhanced over time. Phase 2 projects will be essential in mitigating dust emissions from the exposed playa and will also provide shallow water habitat for avian species. The habitat cells will consist of a series of low earthen berms that will pond water on the surface. The cells will have a flow through system to maintain water elevations and to help manage water quality issues. The air quality mitigation will consist of enhanced vegetation to provide ground cover and to address wind fetch across the exposed playa.