In taking the next steps to avert the impending demise of the Salton Sea, eventual public health crisis and spur carbon-free energy development for California, the Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors has released a new framework document that provides a comprehensive vision and specific actions in support of its Salton Sea Restoration and Renewable Energy Initiative.

A joint effort between IID and Imperial County, the initiative is a multiphased approach to Salton Sea restoration – the first phase being the development of a plan for an incremental restoration approach that will bridge the gap between current conditions and longer-range Salton Sea restoration planning measures.

The 260-page document details short-, medium- and long-term implementation plans (ranging from 2016 to 2024 and beyond) based on five specific goals: ensuring water supply reliability for California, protecting public health, developing carbon-free energy, protecting and restoring the sea’s ecosystem and providing for economic growth.

The initiative provides a viable and realistic solution that can be set into motion in the current year.

This solution will help to preserve the Quantification Settlement Agreement and related water transfers, which are critical to a reliable water supply for Southern California. The time for studies has passed. Now is the time for real action. We urge the state of California to join us in implementing the plan proposed in this framework, and to begin immediately.

The framework document was presented to the IID Board of Directors during its July 28, 2015 meeting.

Framework One-Sheet Summary 7/28/2015 [PDF]
Executive Summary 7/28/2015 [PDF]
SSRREI Framework Document 7/28/2015 [PDF]