1/11/17 – Salton Sea Takes a Hit in Budget Proposal

KXO Radio, 1-11-17

(Governor issues new spending plan)…The Budget is for fiscal year 2017-2018.Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia issued his comments on the new plan. Garcia said the budget proposal made weak reference to continue coordinating the implementation of the State’s Salton Sea Management Plan, but failed to specify any new investment proposals. Garcia said last year they were successful in securing $80.5 million in the State Budget, which was instrumental in funding short term restoration and mitigation projects, such as dust suppression, wetland and habitat recovery. The Assemblyman said he is urging the Governor to consider a stronger investment to chip away the billion-dollar price tag of long term Salton Sea Restoration. On the other hand, Assemblyman Garcia said he was excited to see a greater investment in education. The proposed budget is balanced, but it could create a $2 billion shortfall in the next fiscal year.