1/25/15 – Salton Sea Solutions Issues

IID Press Release, 1-25-15

The following are key excerpts with links to the complete articles from the Sunday, Jan. 25 Desert Sun Editorial Board opinion piece and viewpoint by IID General Manager Kevin E. Kelley to the Desert Sun newspaper, Palm Springs, Calif., regarding important Salton Sea issues.

Our Voice: Salton Sea neighbors should back restoration
By the Desert Sun Editorial Board, Sunday, Jan. 25, 2015

  • “The Imperial Irrigation District is calling on all stakeholders in the 2003 water transfer deal to come together to finally find a solution to the piece of that puzzle that has remained elusive ever since: the promised restoration of the Salton Sea …
  • “IID is making a hard push on the issue now because a key milestone in the sea’s future looms on the horizon: A 15-year period of so-called “mitigation” flows that IID has been delivering to the sea ends after 2017 …
  • “IID, with its petition, has issued a prudent call for the State Water Resources Control Board to convene a dialogue between the parties to agree [on a realistic, feasible restoration plan] within six months, and for the board to issue an order making state funding of that plan a condition of water transfers under the Quantification Settlement Agreement …
  • “After all this time state officials should come forward with a plan to restore and stabilize what remains of the sea to avoid what could become an environmental catastrophe for the region’s wildlife and human inhabitants … The process of continued studies and piecemeal projects
    along isolated portions is no substitute for a comprehensive plan to stabilize the lake, which
    is imperative.”

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Another View: We should act together now to fix the Salton Sea
By IID General Manager Kevin Kelley, Sunday, Jan. 25, 2015

  • “Just as all roads were said to lead to ancient Rome, all water transfers from the farms and fields of the Imperial Valley must pass through – and not around – the Salton Sea …
  • “The Salton Sea has always been the fork in the road that the state had to traverse in order to effectuate the landmark water-sharing pact that has enabled California to live within its annual entitlement of 4.4 million acre-feet from the Colorado River. A decision point, and a clear
    path forward, may have seemed a far-off proposition 12 years ago when the state assumed
    its statutory commitment to approve, adopt and appropriate money for a Salton Sea
    restoration plan …
  • “That fork in the road the state has done its best to avoid now lies squarely in front of it.
    The difference 12 years later is that reckoning with it can’t be put off any longer …
  • “The goal of a smaller but sustainable Salton Sea is still within reach. What’s needed is a
    realistic plan to get there and the broad recognition that we are all better off making the
    journey together …
  • “Anything else is just standing in place at the water’s edge and holding our collective breath.”

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